The Sponsor Inclusion in Tech Website is Live


I am excited to share the next step for the sponsor inclusion in tech initiative!

The website is live, and it features a directory for speakers and companies.

The word support is in the title and in the domain.


At the core, this effort has been about supporting underrepresented speakers. The website:

  • Highlights steps for speaker support, and features a short registration form to assist in confirming that an individual has been accepted to speak at a WordCamp. The details of this form are private and for vetting purposes only. 
  • Allows a vetted speaker to join the directory with a random user name. Their profile only includes the type of support needed – hotel, lodging, or both, and confirms that a speaker has said yes to the Code of Conduct.

The objective of the directory is to provide verification, privacy, and a place where speakers and companies worldwide have the access to vetted details, resources, and most of all, each other.  


“The WordPress mission to democratize publishing is quite possibly realizing something more. The philosophy behind WordPress, and its Four Freedoms, may be realizing a Fifth Freedom:

The freedom to experience a thriving community truly open to everyone through sharing of information about The WordPress Open Source Project at community events sponsored by WordPress enthusiasts.”

What’s next?

Watch out for the WP Minute podcast episode where I discuss my inspiration, and my Post Status conversation on what the near future holds. I also hope to strengthen website security, and add language translations, through partnerships with companies in the WordPress ecosystem.

Thank you and Props

Thank you GoDaddy, Post Status, Yoast, Master WP, and Gravity Forms for your support!

Props to @angelasjin @awarner20 @corymiller303 @hauwaabashiya @lindseymiller @marybaum @schutzsmith @tacoverdo who provided encouragement and insight on the design, content, and functionality of the website.

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