Entrepreneur and Writer

Winstina’s father works in construction. He works with his hands, throwing the strength of his body into his long arms as he helps to build highways and lay pipes on local roads.

The immigrant experience is guided by an entrepreneurial spirit. The rewards that come with your life in a new country, or the start of your own business, involve risk and sacrifice. It requires you to move forward in blind faith with the hope of creating something better.  Her father inspires her to follow in his foot steps to take on contract work herself.  Though she can never walk in his shoes, she seeks to keep in perspective what it has taken for him to raise her to be who she is today. Her father’s tools are his hands, and her hands have become her tools as well.

Today, Winstina works on her computer to write articles on her field of study,
builds WordPress websites for professionals, and holds WordPress trainings for her own company Planning Write.

She has written for several organizations and agencies including Taking IT Global, the The New York Times, the National Center for Smart Growth Research and Education, and Rutgers University’s Daily Targum. Her most recent piece is featured on HeroPress.

Her articles are about communities, community development, real estate development, and transportation, and she maintains her own WordPress.com blog on suburban planning and community engagement in the town she grew up.