Divorce and Marriage



The reality of divorce has kept me from long term commitment. This awareness stretches as far back as my early teens. 

In high school my friends argued, “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”

(We were deep thinkers.)

We disagreed then. As a critical thinker, I remain skeptical of Lord Tennyson’s assertion. 

But I believe in love coupled with patience and commitment.






I hesitate to write everyone understands that women are not monolithic when it comes to marriage.

For some women, marriage is not an option. 

For some women, marriage is about discernment or a right of passage.

Marriage can center on selecting a partner who is compatible, a partner who buys the nicest diamond ring, wedding dress and catered reception, or a partner who offers a combination.

For some women, marriage centers on culture, tradition or religion. 

For some women divorce is not an option. 

For some women, children are nice to haves. For some women, children are a requirement. For some women, children are not an option.

Women are different. 

If you care for a woman, and she cares for you, temper your emotions and seek clarity.

It is essential that you ask her where she falls on this spectrum and what she wants with you.

You may be surprised. 

You may be the first to ask her, and that sets you apart.