Choose Another Way to Keep Connected 

Webinars. Alternatives to in person events.

Part of the WPNYC Meetup group, Winstina discusses all things WordPress for an incredible group of WordPress enthusiasts. WPNYC Meetup members attend events to experience what WordPress can do. 

The next several weeks of personal distancing change the dynamic of Meetup events. Rather than cancel her upcoming Meetup, Avocado Toast and Themes on WordPress for the Curious, Winstina is hosting webinars instead.  

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WPNYC Meetup is led by Steve with a team of organizers. The Meetup group was established 10 plus years ago under his leadership and that of Krista, Dana, Rindy, Kevin and several others. Co-oganizers engage with developers, writers, entrepreneurs and other creatives at every event. 

Developer Webinars 

Developers share resources on code standards, theme authoring, and more. It’s all about your freedom to code.

Opportunities underway for webinars exclusively for women members.*

Content Creator Webinars

Bloggers, content managers, publishers, or content distributors – listen in on how to expanded your reach. WordPress is at the heart blogging software.

Marketing Webinars

Affiliate marketers find success with WordPress. Ideal for SEO, social media marketing, and email marketing, WordPress is the key to keeping customers happy about your products or services.