Happy International Women’s Day


My eldest Aunty sent me a text this morning trusting that I would have a Happy International Women’s Day. What a way to wake up.  A pastor, her prayers are arresting and powerfully impactful. She is sought after to lead church ceremonies at events in the U.S. and abroad by families who handle every aspect of her travel. 

She is our family matriarch. She leads our celebrations and our funerals. Just as she uplifts and cocoons us in her voice, the children of her brothers and sisters, she uplifts and cocoons the children of cousins, friends and her church family, too. Every day, across time zones, she receives calls and messages from people who miss her. She prays for blessings, strength, and peace for everyone. We are all her family, and I know she wishes you a Happy International Women’s Day, too.



Gabriel Weber

Brand Expert

Alan Park

Creative Director